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If you believe your item has some value and you want to sell it at the highest price then place your item or items on our bidding platform. This allows potential buyers to make a bid in real time where you will receive notification of the current bid immediately. This section allows you to place your goods or item for sale from one day or up to 30 days. You can sell it for the highest price offered at any stage of the process.

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Advertise or search for items that you want to sell or buy and make an offer or place a bid


If you need a car, van or truck to buy then look no further than this category?

Snapbid Hotels

If you are looking to find that perfect hotel and a great price for your holiday or business trip then click on Snapbid hotels and find the ideal location for you. Choose from over 200,000 hotels worldwide

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Do you have multiple items that are taking up space in your garage, shed or loft? Advertise up to 20 items at the same time in one place. Price them individually to be sold separate, as one job lot at a discount price or make it Snapbid activate and receive competitive bids.

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Do you have special promotions, great prices and service, unwanted stock or want to advertise your business? Display up to 20 items on your own page.

In The Way

Are you tired of tripping over that box of stuff you don’t use anymore or need to make room for something new? Advertise it at a low price or give it away. Make it Snapbid active and sell to the highest bidder.

The market price is what someone is willing to pay. Make a bid on what you want for what you are willing to pay; you could get a pleasant surprise.


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