It has become very clear to us at Snapbid that if you are a business such as retailer, wholesaler, manufacturer or service providers, you are most likely will pay more for everything including advertising.

Similar websites to ours penalise private enterprise to pay them more fees to promote your products or services because they think you can afford it.

The fact that you are a regular user means you will provide them with a constant income over a prolonged period rather than as a private seller that may only advertise once or on an intermittent basis.

Private sellers can advertise for free but have the choice to promote, highlight their items for sale for a minimal cost.

As a business you don’t get the option to advertise free of charge and to promote your products in much more expensive than being a private person.........

Until Now!!!!!!!

We at Snapbid do not want to differentiate between you as a business and the private individual in terms of free advertising and fees to promote your products and services.

By law you have to state you’re not an individual and clearly display your contact information, but apart from that we will treat you equally as a private seller.

We have created a ‘My Shop’ sections just for you, where you can promote your company, the items you want to sell and the services you offer on the same terms as a private person.

Alternatively you can advertise your products individually for free or promote them in the usual way

However, if you wish to pay us money to be in prime areas of our site on a constant basis, we would be very happy to accommodate you. 

Ready to place your advert on Snapbid? IT'S FREE!

Sell your unwanted items, get more money for your car and promote your services all on the same site!


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