1. How do I post an ad? At the top of the Home page there is an icon +Post Advert, click on this and fill out the fields provided. You have to register with us first to be able to post an ad.
  2. Can I post an ad for free? Yes you can post as many ads as you like for free, however if you want to promote the ad or ads there will be a reasonable cost.
  3. How much does it cost? When posting an advert you are given the options at the bottom of your +Post Advert page. This is optional if you want to be seen first, to stand out or sell it as fast as possible.
  4. What items are not allowed on Snapbid? Go to ‘Forbidden Adverts on Snapbid at the bottom of the homepage.
  5. Which is the right category? When posting your ad you will see the category field, choose the category that is closest to the item you are selling and then the sub category below this that will appear.
  6. How long does my ad stay posted for? Up to 30 days initially. You have options to reduce this period. You will be notified prior to expiry of the ad that you need to renew it. You can also check this in ‘ Manage my ad’ section
  7. Is it possible to edit my ad? Yes, go to ‘Account’ at the top of the Home page and the click on ‘Manage My Ads’ Then click on edit
  8. How does the buyer contact me? You are required to fill in ‘Preferred contact Information when posting your advert.
  9. How do I get paid for my items that are sold? We do not take responsibility for any financial transaction between buyers and sellers. The sale is conducted between the two principals and not guaranteed by Snapbid in any way. However we have made some suggestions in ‘Safety Comes First’ section at the bottom of the home page.
  10. How do I cancel my ad? Go to ‘Manage My Ads and click on ‘delete’
  11. How many items can I advertise at the same time? The number is unlimited if you post your ads individually. However if you want to place multiple items in one place, post them under ‘ My Page or ‘My shop’ where you have the opportunity to advertise up to 20 items collectively
  12. How do I attach picture to my ad? You can place up to 20 photos of your item or items by going to +Post Advert, scroll down to ‘Images’. In the bottom left hand corner you will see ‘add images’ click on this and it will take you to where you have stored you photos to choose from.
  13. Are my ads just seen locally or nationwide? Both Locally and Nationwide. Buyers searching for items can filter their search to local for them or throughout the UK
  14. Do I pay a commission to Snapbid if I buy anything? No, unless it is clearly stated by us for specific functions on the site.
  15. How do I pay for the items I want? This is either stated by the seller of the item or mutually agreed directly with them. We do not pay or take responsibility for paying on your behalf or guarantee any payments for services or items being sold or offered. However we suggest you read ‘Safety Comes First’ at the bottom of the Homepage to help you.
  16. How do I know that the items being offered are not a scam? If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. We would advise that you take particular care when considering buying an item. Always do as much research as you can on the item for sale and the seller where possible. We would strongly advise that if you have any doubts, then do not buy it and report your suspicions to us and or the Police
  17. What happens if the item I bought is broken or nor working properly? We would recommend that you thoroughly check over the item you are buying before you pay for it. In the instance where it is electrical or has an engine or is mechanical in any way, that you test is prior to purchase.
  18. Do I get a refund if the item is broken or not working? Snapbid do not take responsibility for broken items or refunds for items or goods that are broken or not working properly. Therefore it is essential that you examine and test the item before purchase.



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