Snapbid wants to give our clients a trouble free way to buy, sell, promote and find opportunities. The majority of people who join Snapbid are responsible and will adhere to the terms and conditions set out and will conduct their business in an honest way.

There is an element of today’s societies who are dishonest and is intent in disrupting, stealing, supplying false information and have the intent to cause harm.

Therefore we cannot stress enough that when purchasing goods, services and transacting on our site or any other site that you take a moment to think safe and take as many precautions as possible to avoid and prevent any fraudulent, criminal activity or place yourself in any situation that could lead to any physical harm. Whilst we monitor all aspects of the site as much as possible we cannot scrutinise all offers of goods and services and cannot accept liability for any advertiser or buyer and their actions before and after the point of sale or supply.     

However, we have made some suggestions on how to stay safe on line and when meeting buyers, sellers and providers in person.  

  1. Wherever possible, try and meet buyers or sellers during the day in a public place and take someone with you. If you feel suspicious or in any danger, walk away and report it to us or the police immediately.
  2. Do not give out your home address on line unless you feel absolutely comfortable in doing so.
  3. Do not give out your bank details or credit/debit card details to anyone unless it is a secured transaction through legitimate payment gateways of established or well known companies.
  4. When receiving a cash payment always check the banknotes and count them at least twice.
  5. Where applicable always ask for the paperwork. This can include bill of sale, registration documents, MOT, certificates, log books, warrantees, receipts pedigrees etc.
  6. Always check with your bank that you have received the money from a buyer before giving them any refund if they say they has overpaid you or you wish to return their money.
  7. Avoid suspicious internet links requesting payment and only use official links where you have to log in to your own account.
  8. Check that the item before you buy it that it’s real and not a counterfeit, fake or copy. Make sure it is not broken or damaged, in full working order. Test all electrical and mechanical goods before purchase.
  9. When buying vehicles, we would advise you carry out a HPI check to make sure it is not stolen, has been in a serious accident, has outstanding finance on it or is an insurance write off.

 If someone breaks the terms and conditions please report them to us, we can block them from using our site and delete their ad. If it’s a very serious issue, we encourage customers to call the police. 

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